Hello World

This is my first blog post. Ever.

Even though I (used to) find keeping a blog: lame, pointless, worthless, time-consuming, tedious, just to show-off with shitty content, I came to realize that this thing could be used for another practical purpose for myself.

I work as a .NET software developer and I’m trying to become a better programmer. To do this, I started reading various books in order to gather all the information I can. The problem is that I tend to lose my reading notes and/or not have them organized, easy to find, self-explanatory with examples. Thus, it’s harder for me to remember important details about a topic by reading my notes, because they are too “sketchy” or I don’t have them at all.

Then it hit me: I could use a blog to write all my book notes in a clean, organized, detailed and explanatory way so I can easily access the information later on. Since I am making my posts public (although I doubt anybody except myself will read this 🙂 ) I kinda force myself into writing the notes more structured, clear, with enough details to make myself understood at the first read.

Furthermore, I am not a native English speaker (or writer :)), so this way I get to practice my written English some more. So, this blog actually helps me twice as much.

It’s kinda late, and instead of focusing on my actual notes, I’ve lost some 15 minutes writing this useless text (one of my first thoughts – pointlessness). I hope for this to change in the future. I now need to find a nice theme to support clean code-posing for the blog.