I work as a .NET software developer and I’m trying to become a better programmer.

To do this, I started reading various books and articles in order to gather all the information I can. The problem is that I tend to lose my reading notes and/or not have them organized, easy to find, self-explanatory with examples. Thus, it’s harder for me to remember important details about a topic by reading my notes, because they are too “sketchy” or I don’t have them at all.

By posting on this blog, I kinda force myself into writing the notes more structured, clear, with enough details to make myself understood at the first read.

Furthermore, I am not a native English speaker (or writer), so this way I get to practice my written English some more. So, this blog actually helps me twice as much :).

Since I’m mostly using C# as a programming language, probably most posts will be C# related. I might get into other technical stuff (other programming languages included) related to programming.

I’m focusing on principles, best practices, design, tips and tricks which might not be known for the average developer.

Disclaimer: these are my personal notes and thoughts and do not necessarily mean it’s the best thing to do.

As I’ve said, I’m trying to become a better programmer so I might be wrong on my why there. I can stand being corrected when I’m wrong, so if you think I’m wrong and are willing to explain, please don’t hesitate to write to me using the comments section.

I hope others might benefit from my posts, but my goal is just to keep my book notes organized, structured and detailed for personal future use.


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